Bulk Solar Eclipse Glasses

For schools, organizations, businesses, clubs and individuals who need bulk quantities of solar eclipse glasses (50+), we are offering the ability to purchase solar eclipse glasses for $0.50 (50 cents) each. This represents our cost, plus 10-cents which will be put towards our charitable contributions to various organizations. We will be accepting orders until July 15, 2017 to ensure that we get these to you in time for the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse event.

Why get them from us?  Our goal is not to make money off this, but rather to get glasses into the hands of as many people as possible for this amazing solar eclipse event.  Plus, any money that we generate off of bulk sales will go to help us fund our various charitable causes that the Stinnett Foundation supports, such as reading literacy, free classroom materials, and more.  We want to work together with you and your group to make sure that we protect as many people as possible, at the lowest cost possible.

Why are you doing this?

After hearing from so many people about the high cost of glasses they were finding for purchases, we started to look at ways we could help.  So many schools, churches, clubs, organizations and businesses want to help their members and employees enjoy the Great American Eclipse on August 21st, 2017, but they face strained budgets trying to provide the proper eye protection (remember:  it is NEVER safe to look directly at the sun except during the brief period of totality).  So we decided this was an area we could definitely help with and make budgets stretch a little farther!  At 50-cents a piece we believe this is a price that many can afford, yet also allows us to put aside 10-cents from each pair to help fund our free glasses giveaway.  Our goal is to get solar eclipse safety glasses in the hands of as many people as possible so they may enjoy this unique event, at the lowest cost possible, without breaking the bank.

To give you an example that we are very proud of —  We helped one large school district reduce their cost from $15,000 for 10,000 glasses to $5,000 – $10,000 saved and can be used to help fund other important educational initiatives!

Several organizations we are working with are using these as fundraising efforts.  Selling them throughout the summer to raise money for other activities!  Ice cream shops are using them a handouts for their customers.  We even supplied a fast-food franchise with glasses to help with a charity fundraising drive!

All our glasses meet the requirements and are certified for ISO 12312-2:2015, and are safe for direct solar viewing .  All glasses are made in the USA.

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Absolutely!  We understand that many schools, colleges, organizations and businesses who are buying eclipse shades wholesale need to do so via Purchase Order.  We also will work with schools and other organizations to make sure that you get your glasses before the eclipse, even if your budget cycle doesn’t start until the next school year!  Just fill out the form below and let us know as much detail as possible.  We’ll get back to you ASAP and work together to get all the paperwork filled out, invoices sent and most importantly – glasses in your hands!

How do I get them?

The minimum order is 50, and at this time we have no maximum.
To get yours, we need a few pieces of information, such as:

  • Contact Name
  • Business/Organization/Group Name
  • Purchase Order Number (if applicable)
  • Number needed (minimum of 50)
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Delivery Address
  • Need-by Date

All requests must be in-hand and payment arranged before July 15, 2017 to ensure we get them to you in time for the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse.  You will get an automated email to confirm your order, and then an invoice for which to pay from (we accept credit cards, e-checks, etc.) via our secure payment processor. Purchase orders are accepted (NET15 terms), and a W9 is available to those who need it.

Normal delivery time is between 7-14 days after we receive your order.  Please note we ship via USPS Priority Mail and/or FedEx Ground.  We will add the appropriate shipping charges onto the order – and notify you of these – before shipping.

As of July 12th, 2017 we are no longer accepting new bulk order requests.

Need more information? Have a question?

Let us know how we can help!  Drop me a line at robert@2017solar.com!